4 special effects

In this project, I will make the sound track effect by the software called “RolloSONIC”, it can be found in www.rollosonic.com. It is a web-base software which is suitable with the beginner as it provide a mouse dragging function make a sound effect easily. The relevant tutorial about the software can be found in the website. In addition, I use the software called “Audacity” to compose the different sound track and it also provide the effect function for example changing the time domain, frequency domain or making the echo effect etc.





I followed the instruction from unihub’s Synthedit to conduct a similar synthesizer.  It is quite difficult to perform a workable synthesizer from the me as I wasn’t a music knowledge but I’d try my best to follow the instruction and some online tutorial from Youtube.com. Below is the captured image depicted  the overall work procedure, I added a keyboard and some controller to control each button to fine-tune the variable. The source file can be found in the CD attached.




Haas effect

I used the software “Audacity” to create the Haas Effect. I downloaded a music from the internet which is a copyright free for download from freeplaymusic.com which is produced by Jeff Curry. I made to be a stereo and then copy the mono sound track for the next channel purpose, thus I import 2  mono sound track with left and right channel into the software. (Fig 1)

By performing a Haas Effect, it only required to move the slider to the far right as depicted in Fig 2, again these 2 sound track should be a mono audio which were marked in circle.

Finally, it become a “fake” stereo version  sound track now.



Fig 1

Fig 2

1 anaglyph image

Hass image

In order to produce a anaglyph image, it can be created by using the photoshop.

First, it require to capture 2 images which is representing one for the right eye and the other for the left eye. Thus 2 image looks like almost the same while their angle are a bit different.

Second, import the images into the photoshop and untick the “Red” color from on the image then move on top of the next one.

Finally just slightly moving the top one until it matching each other focal point.

Now you may use a glass with a red and blue frame to preview the 3D image.

Final Result

During edit

Audio Soundtrack

For this task, I used the Anvil Studio software to produce my audio soundtrack. I created 2 layers for the soundtrack resources comprised by the piano and drum. In order to produce a comfortable, I decided to make a drum with 4/4 with 100 tempo act as a basic platform and the piano is used 200 tempo; Since the soundtrack is designed for the game platen, the piano would become a main of the chord to deliver a pleasant melody while a fill-in was created by using the drum. Finally set the soundtrack to a looping bar. Finished.



VJ video

Regarding to the VJ, I used the Visual Jockey software. It is able to generate an organic 2D and 3D realtime experience including deformations, interferences, alpha-blending, live-video and much, much more. It leaves the decision completely up to me. If I want to have full control via Midi and keyboard or let parts automatically stay in-sync with my music. It makes me realize breathtaking visuals, interactive multimedia events, video installations or render video clips up to HD resolution and beyond. Inside the project, I imported 2 images in the resource and applied the Polar and Rotozoom Distortion effect by selecting the 2D effect function. It can produce the interactive effect by slightly fine-tuning the variable in the function provided. I downloaded the music from the freeplaymusic.com which is a copyright free music produced by Jeff Curry. Then I exported the whole file but I did not export the overall music instead I just selected for the first 30 seconds due to the file size is quite large if I export the overall duration.

5 images

Here I would like to select 5 images which is edited with the effect to provide a special feeling on it by using the powerful software – Adobe Photoshop.

Synthesised landscapes

Terragen is a scenery generator, created with the goal of generating photorealistic landscape images and animations. (http://www.planetside.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=40&Itemid=152)

Here I would use this software to synthesis four landscapes

20 photographs

I like to take photo. Although a lot of normal Digital Camera(DC) have a high quality as like as a Digital Single Lens Reflect(DSLR) but still they can not provide function compare with the ISO, Depth of field, speed of autofocus, exposure, aperture and shutter speed etc.

I have a Nikon D90 with 2 lens, 18-105mm and 50mm/1.8F, I would like to demonstrate about 20 photographs with different style by different setting.